Floating end table present.

For Christmas my sister wanted some end tables/night stands for her bedroom. She found something close to what she wanted on Pinterest and sent me the pic.  


She gave me creative design control and the measurements. I decided to borrow a design I did for a behind the sofa table I made about a month ago.  

Here's the rough concept and measurements:

52" tall

12" wide

16" deep shelf.


I wanted to used reclaimed wood for the front so I started with 3/4" ply.  You don't really need that thick of plywood, 1/2" would have been perfect. I just had a bunch of plywood leftover from another project.  This made it it super heavy.   

I then cut the plywood to the approximate shape and then glued and tacked on the oak pallet boards.  Once the boards were on I trimmed the boards to their final dimensions.    The picture below is the shape prior to the edging that will go around the sides and the front. 


Next was to add a french cleat system on the top and bottom.   The bottom part of the shelf could be unscrewed for transportation (it was shipped to Georgia from Colorado).  The bottom piece had a french cleat.  This would be a tricky install. 


 - Screw Locations to attach the bottom to the top.


- Finished product (prior to applying the satin polyurethane)    The sides are about 1/8" shy of the back so it can be right up against the wall and appear to be floating.  


Finished and hanging on the wall: