Sawdust, splinters and stain. Getting the boards ready for the ceiling.

So I spent a good part of last weekend jointing, ripping, planing and sanding boards.  I bought red oak boards that were 1" thick by 12" wide and 8 feet long(96").  They were monster boards and I had to get them ripped down to a manageable size. So  I ripped them down to 1" thick and 5" wide by 96" long. The new table saw did an outstanding job. :)  

I then re-sawed them on the table saw and cut them in half (1/2" thick)> So I was able to get 2 boards out of 1.  In the end I had a pile of wood that needed to be planed to the same thickness.  I was able to get them all to a thickness of 5/16". The whole process generated a TON of saw dust. I had to empty the dust collection system a few times. I filled two 25gal trash bags full of saw dust.

Once it was all sanded....we began the staining process. Beth selected a brown mahogany gel stain. It went on pretty nice. If you never used a gel stain....give it a try next time you stain something. You won't regret it.  Next Step: Applying the polyurethane.

I hope to install them this weekend. Stay tuned....