Lazy Susan Tool Workbench

In a few of my videos I show my lazy susan workbench.  I have a bunch of tools that serve a common purpose.  Mostly sanders to be exact.  I didn't want to store them and pull them out as I needed them OR have them all lined up on a single traditional rectangular workbench.  I decided to make a lazy susan so that I could spin it around to the tool I need.  

Here's what I did.

First, I needed a table design that was easy to build and could support a lot of weight.  I borrowed the table building concept from the wood whisperer's outfeed table video.  I think he even borrowed it from Norm Abram.  It's an easy way to slap together a table using plywood.  

Next, I needed the lazy susan components.  I found on Amazon a lazy susan bearing ring that supports 1000 lbs.   That's more than I would ever need.   Also, since the table top circle would be 48" diameter, I wanted support at the end of the table.   So I bought 1"  roller bearings. 

Lazy Susan Ring Link

Roller Ball Link

So - the concept is pretty straight forward. Build a table and round table top, add the lazy susan ring, and support the outer edges with the 1" roller bearing.    I used a square block of wood between the table and the 48" plywood circle.  I made sure to compensate for the thickness of both the lazy susan ring and the bearing.  So I had to use my planner to remove material from the block of wood until it was putting the plywood circle just on top of the roller bearings.     

I then drilled a 2" hole all the way through the center.  I don't worry about cords twisting as I tend to pull one way to get to one machine and the opposite way to get back.  It's worked so far without any severe cord twisting.

Until recently, I used the space underneath for lumber storage.  I just threw boards down there and let them pile up.  This was driving me crazy so I created some dividers with scrap wood.  

See Below. 

I created a PDF file from my cad program.  This will help you with the table design. it's 48"x48"x48".   Feel free to change it to meet your needs.