Stickers or Pencils?

I watch a lot of YouTube videos of other makers and woodworkers.   I've noticed a trend that people are sending out stickers to other creators.   I did have a few (4 of them) printed and I did get on Jay Bate's metal sticker cabinet


I like stickers. But besides sticking them on a tool or cabinet, they don't do anything for me.  What I do need a lot of are PENCILS.   I go through a bunch.    So I purchased (amazon $18 for 72) white carpenter pencils and used my 40 watt laser cnc to engrave my domain name and social media icons on them.   It was a pretty easy job.   To see if I could start a trend, I sent a few out to creators that I watch.

To name a few:

- WWMM - Wood Working for Mere Mortals with Steve Ramsey
- Shop Time with Peter Brown
- Jay Bates (Jay's custom creations)
- April Wilkerson (
- Chris Pine (The Chris Pine Workshop)
- Izzy Swan (Think Woodworks)
- Chad Schimmel (Schimmel woodworks)
- Steve Carmichael (The Carmichael Workshop)

We will see if the trend takes off. :)

Video of my machine engraving the pencils: