Beetle Kill Pine - Big Green Egg Table

Many of you who follow me on Facebook noticed the Big Green Egg table I made for Ace Hardware.  I was able to sell the table to Ace and they ordered 2 more tables. :) 

The next table is of a similar design but made entirely of local beetle kill pine.  The pine has beautiful streaks of blue, red, and black caused by the fungus carried by the pine beetle.  These are trees cut down after the beetle killed them.  

I posted some picture below of the tables and of the Beetle Kill Pine.  I will post another picture of the completed table once it is finished. 

Here's my cedar table on display at the Cherry Creek Ace Hardware. 

New table in progress. Once the clear polyurethane is applied, the color of the wood will pop. 

Beetle Kill Lumber before it was milled down to size: