The Great Pallet Sofa Adventure! - Rain, snow, a baby and appendicitis.

Immediately coming off the Little library project,  I jumped in to building the next project on our list: The Outdoor Pallet Sofa.   I didn't make it far.  I had a multitude of delays including finding pallets, 5" of snow, weeks of rain, the birth of my nephew :), and even my own health(appendicitis).   It took some time, but I made it to the end of the project.  Here's my story:

This all started a year ago when we bought some cushions from my brother. He had bought new cushions from Lowe's for a patio set but decided they didn't work. Instead of returning them, we decided to buy all 4 of them from him.

allen + roth  --     Navy Deep Seat Patio Chair Cushion   Item #:   492056   |  Model #:   05201055   $57 each (QTY 4 needed)

allen + roth  --   Navy Deep Seat Patio Chair Cushion
Item #: 492056 |  Model #: 05201055
$57 each (QTY 4 needed)


We wanted to use the new cushions on a pallet sofa for our yard.  So I started by designing the frame in my sketchlist 3d program.  I knew the size of the cushions so I needed to build the sofa to accommodate them.   We wanted a big, cozy sofa that held our 4 cushions. Here's a digital pic of the frame design:

After I received design approval from Beth, I began the journey of building the frame.  I used pressure treated 2x4s for the frame.  I wanted something that could hold up to years of winter and summer abuse.   It made it a tad bit heavy, but we were OK with that since it wasn't moving anywhere..  

As you can see below, we modified the sofa plans from the original computer layout. We lowered the height of the armrest to arm height. Shortened the depth of the back of the sofa from 12" to about 6" and finally added one more spot for a 5th cushion.  Here's a pic of the frame before shortened the thickness of the back. 

Finally, to cover the frame, we decided to use reclaimed pallet wood.  The hunt was on for pallets! And LOTS of them.  To help with breaking them down, I invested in a Pallet PAW.  We removed all the nails, planed them down to the thickness we wanted,  sanded, stained and sealed .

Stained Used:   General Finishes, Gel Stain, Brown Mahogany
Top Coat Used:    General Finishes,  Exterior 450 Satin, Water based top-coat.

To fasten the pallet boards to the frame, I used stainless 18ga nails to fasten the boards to the frame.  Below is the video and pictures of the final product. Note: I started recording after the frame was built. 

About  halfway completed. 

About  halfway completed. 

Getting closer!   I Need more pallets for the back. 

Getting closer!   I Need more pallets for the back. 

Total Build Cost:  $450 (pressure treated wood, stain & topcoat, PLUS the $285 for the cushions.)