vCarvePro 8

Safety FIRST! Tracking the number of days I still have all 10 fingers.

Since my move into the new Denver workshop, Beth has been tracking my safety record on my dry erase board attached to my shop door.  So in honor of Woodworking Safety Day (This Friday - May 1st), I decided to make an official sign to track the days I don't cut off my fingers.  This sign will remind me to focus on safety in the shop. 

I designed it on my CNC software (vCarvePro 8) and milled it on a peice of pine.  Here's a picture of what it will look like after the CNC machine carves it. 

Check out my video below and the wood whisperer's site for official info on Safety day.

MAY 1st is Woodworking Safety Day!

MAY 1st is Woodworking Safety Day!