Birthday Present Pen


My first lathe. Wow...I learned a lot on it. I mostly do smaller projects and I don’t really have the room for a larger floor stand model. So this little benchtop model served me well. 


I wanted an upgrade. I wanted more control of the speed without always changing the belts. 

I also didn’t want to spend a ton of money.  The replacement lathe I chose is a Shop Fox 12” benchtop.  



So to test it out, I made a few pens.  

I would say test successful!  My Brother-n-laws are going to love their pens!



Bike Trailer Project

I was inspired by Andrea Arzensek's DIY Bike Trailer video to build my own bike trailer.  I thought that this would be handy to use in the city.  I could run up to the market, take picnic stuff to the park, and even carry my dogs (Lucy and Molly).  

I went to a pawn shop and picked out a used bike for $20.  I took off the wheels and chunked the bike in the scrap pile.  

I started the build by working on the frame. For the wood, I used the leftover oak from the ceiling project. I then painted it black with an exterior paint. 

The brackets for the wheels were made out of 1-3/8-in Plated Steel Slotted Metal Flat Bar from Home Depot.  Two bolts for each bracket holds it secure.

The box for the cart was made out of 1 in. x 6 in. x 8 ft. Tongue and Groove  from Home Depot that I got as CULL wood for 70% off.   I think some of it was Beetle Kill Pine.  I didn't paint it but rather put a 3 coats of General Finishes' Exterior 450 Satin water based top-coat.  

The finished product cost me:

$20 for the Wheels
$8 for new Inner Tubes
$10 for all the bolts and washers
$8 for the Plated Steel Slotted Metal.
Paint: Free
$10 for the cull tongue and groove wood. 

TOTAL: $56

Here's the build video.  ENJOY!   Please like and comment on my video in YouTube as it helps me get seen by more people.