Birthday Present Pen


My first lathe. Wow...I learned a lot on it. I mostly do smaller projects and I don’t really have the room for a larger floor stand model. So this little benchtop model served me well. 


I wanted an upgrade. I wanted more control of the speed without always changing the belts. 

I also didn’t want to spend a ton of money.  The replacement lathe I chose is a Shop Fox 12” benchtop.  



So to test it out, I made a few pens.  

I would say test successful!  My Brother-n-laws are going to love their pens!



Safety FIRST! Tracking the number of days I still have all 10 fingers.

Since my move into the new Denver workshop, Beth has been tracking my safety record on my dry erase board attached to my shop door.  So in honor of Woodworking Safety Day (This Friday - May 1st), I decided to make an official sign to track the days I don't cut off my fingers.  This sign will remind me to focus on safety in the shop. 

I designed it on my CNC software (vCarvePro 8) and milled it on a peice of pine.  Here's a picture of what it will look like after the CNC machine carves it. 

Check out my video below and the wood whisperer's site for official info on Safety day.

MAY 1st is Woodworking Safety Day!

MAY 1st is Woodworking Safety Day!

Spring Cleaning (with a tad bit of snow).

The spring weather here in Denver has been nasty the last few days.  It snowed about 1.5 inches last night. So I decided to do some spring cleaning and organizing in the shop.   I have a lazy susan tool station that I store wood under it.  I always hated digging through it and could never find what I was looking for.   So I build a wood rack under it and it turned out great.  On the face, I used a piece of dry erase board. It allows me to write with a dry erase marker on the shelf. 

Before and After:

New Table Saw is up and running!

So this afternoon the new table saw was delivered.  My brother (Jeff) and I assembled it in a few hours.  It still needs some final tweaking (like waxing the rails and top)....but otherwise its ready to go.   I will also have to adjust the outfeed table as the old saw was about 2" taller.   I did a time-lapse of us assembling the saw.