Spring Cleaning (with a tad bit of snow).

The spring weather here in Denver has been nasty the last few days.  It snowed about 1.5 inches last night. So I decided to do some spring cleaning and organizing in the shop.   I have a lazy susan tool station that I store wood under it.  I always hated digging through it and could never find what I was looking for.   So I build a wood rack under it and it turned out great.  On the face, I used a piece of dry erase board. It allows me to write with a dry erase marker on the shelf. 

Before and After:

Little Free Library Project

I was commissioned by my neighbor to create a Little Free Library. I downloaded the build plans from littlefreelibrary.org and then made some of my own modifications to it. This house is covered in cedar. I didn't put any finish on it as they wanted to do that themselves.  I added a solar light that I rigged to a door switch.  It will stay off during the day/night until the door is opened.   This project took about 10 hours over two weekends.  I even broke my air compressor during the process.   

The video was a bit of a challenge to edit.  I had hours of video time recorded and I wanted to chop it down to under 10 mins. It's a tad bit longer than what I wanted.  ENJOY!

For more information about Little Free Library, check out their website:  www.littlefreelibrary.org 




Lego Darth Vader Wall Art

My nephew, Andrew, is big into Star Wars.  So I found a Lego Darth Vader image that I thought would be a nice piece of wall art for his room.   I cut Vader out with my CNC machine.  I used pine for his body and an red oak frame with birch plywood for the backboard.  Vader was painted black and the frame was stained a light grey.  Not shown in the below picture is a laser engraved message: "Made By Uncle Chris. 2015" . 

Watch the video below to see the build process including the laser engraving.

Below is the finished product: 

video Block
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Sun Room is DONE! :)

My wild wood ceiling adventure is complete.  It's been a long project but it sure looks goods.    Shout out to Beth for the master design plans.  

Here are some pictures of the room:

Close-up of the ceiling

The ceiling is going slow....but it's starting to look good.  Check it out:

Sawdust, splinters and stain. Getting the boards ready for the ceiling.

So I spent a good part of last weekend jointing, ripping, planing and sanding boards.  I bought red oak boards that were 1" thick by 12" wide and 8 feet long(96").  They were monster boards and I had to get them ripped down to a manageable size. So  I ripped them down to 1" thick and 5" wide by 96" long. The new table saw did an outstanding job. :)  

I then re-sawed them on the table saw and cut them in half (1/2" thick)> So I was able to get 2 boards out of 1.  In the end I had a pile of wood that needed to be planed to the same thickness.  I was able to get them all to a thickness of 5/16". The whole process generated a TON of saw dust. I had to empty the dust collection system a few times. I filled two 25gal trash bags full of saw dust.

Once it was all sanded....we began the staining process. Beth selected a brown mahogany gel stain. It went on pretty nice. If you never used a gel stain....give it a try next time you stain something. You won't regret it.  Next Step: Applying the polyurethane.

I hope to install them this weekend. Stay tuned....

New Table Saw is up and running!

So this afternoon the new table saw was delivered.  My brother (Jeff) and I assembled it in a few hours.  It still needs some final tweaking (like waxing the rails and top)....but otherwise its ready to go.   I will also have to adjust the outfeed table as the old saw was about 2" taller.   I did a time-lapse of us assembling the saw.  

Good bye ole' table saw.

So my old 10" Craftsman table saw burned out over the weekend.  I've had this table saw for a long time.  It was given to me my by father about 6yrs ago when he upgraded his table saw.  He bought it at an estate sale in Michigan many years before he gave it to me.   I was happy to get a free table saw.  


I am currently resawing 4/4 oak boards and it just couldn't handle the task. I think the motor on it was 1HP.  The new saw I ordered is a Grizzly 10", 3HP cabinet saw.  It was in my budget and I think it's up for the task.  .